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Amor, Mi Amor

May 26, 2009 21 comments

l o v e

It was 5:00 am and the clock was ringing, competing with the crowing outside in reminding me of another laborious day to earn a meager living for my family. I opened my eyes and looked for a little glinting of light from the window; it was indeed another good day to thank the Lord for giving me another chance to correct my past mistakes. I skimmed the bed trying to look for a particular softness that mended my heart in times of uneasiness; a tenderness that soothed my temperament to slow down and think of the right decisions in life. Yet, all I saw were folded quilt and pillows piled beside the headboard. It was natural to wake up without her by my side for I was always in a rush, hence leaving what was supposed to be the most important part of my life. Time could really be playful as it might potentially lead you to self-development or self-destruction. Good thing that I was providentially reminded how important it is to diligently see the essential things in life. Thank you Lord.

It was 5:00 am and it was this time that the crowing became louder as roosters alternately rejoiced to another day-break. I got up from the bed and searched for my slippers which were regularly hidden beneath the piano. I was amazed to see my books neatly arranged in the shelf which I left scattered above the table the other night. My shoes were polished and my things were systematically kept on my desk. I sat back in bed, closed my eyes and uttered my simple prayers of thanksgiving, forgiveness and guidance. Words were so natural that it flowed placidly from my mind; and I had never felt more intimate with God than that particular hour. I took a deep savoring the lightness of the morning air and imbibing the energy that flows to my sinews. The fragrance that envelops my breath was enticing as the air became more sweet and tempting. “Ah! What a beautiful morning!,” I told myself. I could not be happier than to love and loved back. I opened the door and lingered in the doorway. She was there busily preparing the meal for her husband.  Her smooth hair cascaded naturally on her back, the fairness of her skin exuded a lovely brilliance and the supple figure attracted my manliness all at once… She was beautiful and I loved her so much! I turned my gaze at my finger which was adorned by this gold ring – a ring that bound me to her forever even after eternity ends if there is such.  And sensing my presence she turned around and with her charming white face filled with love and commitment, lovingly smiled at me.



I couldn’t ask for more than to love and be loved in return. Very Simple.

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Rejoicing in Despair

May 19, 2009 22 comments


I am always fascinated in the way  physics shows how things function in various paradoxes. With string theories rounding up the fluctuation in the motion of particles in the universe and the theory of relativity shedding a new dimension on the wrinkle in time, I believe that science gradually moves up to another vicious cycle recurring what have been missed out by former minds and developing a more definite explanation of the universe. Physical science is always an interesting subject as it scopes everything within the reach of our knowledge. Yet what really impresses me is what I came across about Newton’s discussion on human affair and how it functions along with universal laws. It is true that human emotion is very puzzling that it constantly escapes human knowledge, but with regards to how someone behaves in time, it could easily be predicted as easy as an apple is expected to fall  to the ground. Negative is usually followed by positive or the other way around. When you are crying right now, you will eventually laugh in the coming days; when you are alone, you will definitely find company; and when there is sunrise, it will be followed by sunset. Why? In life we are following a path and whether we try to diverge from it, universal laws will always keep us back to the track… just like what Newton said, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

So why despair when you know you will be happy?


P.S. In every law there is an exemption and this young lady is one. Mikaela Irene Fudolig started to be very brilliant and will always be brilliant all throughout. 🙂 I wonder if studying physics makes us trancend its laws. Correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

Mr. A Outwits Devil Genie

May 11, 2009 15 comments
the defeated genie

the defeated genie

The genie ascended from the lamp in form of thick smoke and filled the room with terror, and his overwhelming presence shook the earth. Aladdin held his ground while gripping the lamp and sweating from the horror that the evil might overpower him. The fear he experienced was like nothing he ever felt during the thousands of war-stricken Arabian nights in the desert, where men were cut with hatred and left as carcasses for vultures to feed on. And yes he was afraid, more afraid than a man whose perished soul awaits the eternal damnation in hell. He thought this would be the last of his life where the only person that mattered in his life would be taken away from him forever.  The genie was very fierce in his stance that any violation in the contract would mean an endless plague to his tribe. So he prayed hard that his last wish would be right as the smoke enveloped his torso spiralling up to his head and wringing every single nerve of his body. He never felt heat like it before, not even when the desert sun’s heat was duplicated ten times, thus draining his energy. Yet Aladdin never gave out for he knew he had to finish the last wish. “Allah,” he said in silence, “let the coolness of your embrace protect me and blow your breath on my face to refresh my drooping spirit to overcome my bravado”. He knew his last wish was crucial as this would be the very end of his dream. The pact had been agreed – Aladdin would have his wish granted in exchange for Jasmine. He turned his gaze to the smoke that filled with various souls from the underworld. How horrifying the sight was for a man who wished nothing but the happiness for his people.  First, he had wished for the abundance of the crop in the sand; secondly, for the effacement of poverty along the street; and now, the end had come…a single mistake would mean an onerous consequence for him and his people. He closed his eyes and fervently prayed as the resounding voice thundered in the dark room calling his name: “Aladdin, utter your last wish that I may have my taste of your lover’s blood.” Aladdin with all his courage trudged the darkness and raised his head. “I have nothing left in this world but legacy – legacy that would create a harmonious world where people share the blessings of Allah and partake in eternal jubilation in his name. There is no nobler wish than to see people walking hand in hand in peace  and transcending the differences in the world. And you can never take that dream from me for my heart does not succumbed to human greed as you expected. Therefore, I wish that I will have a million more wishes to be granted, lest my village’s death be served. That alone devil, is my wish and never will it violate the agreement.”


P. S. My youngest sister, Trisha, always asks me to tell her stories… did I invent an acceptable one?

Salamat Nanay

May 10, 2009 12 comments

mag-ina sa banig by nestor leynes,1960

Mag-ina sa Banig by Nestor Leynes,1960

“Madamo gid nga salamat Nanay.”


P.S. 1. Happy Mothers Day to the three brilliant mothers in my blogroll: Mommy Grace , Mommy Xena and Mommy Fracesca.

2. To Sr. Rose Amacanin, SPC who has been a spiritual mother to me, Happy Mothers Day.

3. To all the mothers to be…my greetings for you as well.

4. To all women in the world, you have been mothers in your unique ways…Happy Mothers too.

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Question and Answer Portion

May 7, 2009 13 comments


When I was a child I kept asking my folks  about many things even though I had not grasped all of it.  That was because my fetal mind had not yet evolved into a digital processor which digests  and rationalizes information and transforms them into knowledge. My brain was a mere bucket that catches all the data including nonsensical remarks and different versions of truth from the older people even though they themselves were convinced of their fictitious contents; the worst, they would just shoo me by telling that my time would eventually come to understand these things. Thus, I hanged like a monkey deprived of one more step in the vast room of natural selection and shunned into developing confidence to search for answers. As a child, confusion was a question unresolved. I did believe in that.

Not anymore. Even now that I am past twenty and answers are available in all corners in the world, you tend to lose the inquisitive nature of a child in you. The childlike characters simmered down to oblivion as answers can be achieved in just a mere click of a keyboard. Just press the enter key and charan! All answers are yours. Yet, with this wide array of theories and laws, I still couldn’t convince myself of a single truth. The shambles of thoughts have created confusion in the current learning process and in turn reduced everything to ambiguity. Which is; which isn’t?  This is the best latte!  No I think it isn’t because this hip is better. And how in the world will one know that we definitely evolved from monkeys well in fact my family looks more of a wildcats? Oh yes! Wildcats are lovers of coffee compared to monkeys and therefore Starbucks lovers ascended from wildcats. Meoww you! This might be ridiculous in one sense but it  bears some point. As what I have learned in elementary science, we all come from a unicellular creature evolved to adapt to the changing world; mitosis moved in rapid pace along with the rotation of our mother earth resulting to diversions between a monkey and wildcats.  Even the neo-Darwinist discovered that humans have 120,000 similar genes with rodents. Hail you scientists! But can’t you see we all evolved in amoeba and it is not a remarkable discovery after all.  It is not surprising that our behavior may resemble like rodents populating the street and not minding the dreams and hopes of our progeny in confine with global economic recession.  Do you think Adam then was an amoeba formed into a rat? Maybe yes, maybe no. We never know.

I am not to speculate about things here. What I am trying to derive is:  in this world, there is a great danger in confusion. And this is really bad as the A(H1N1) that is highly contagious. It will drive you away from truth and cunningly enough to lead you to no certainty. Hence, cease walking my friend and start to examine life. Look at knowledge with contempt by probing it. Question it, I say.  However, I do not claim to know life nor claim as notable intellectual who roams the greatest café of Paris drinking and indulging in talks concerning the  existent paradoxes for I am just a lowly man, plain and trivial. I just want you to know that it is better to be childlike than to be lost as intellectual. In life, sometimes questions are far essential than answers.


P.S. Questions are ubiquitous and sometimes very irritating, but only through responding to these questions shall we leave our imprints, either good or evil.

I have nothing against my nature coming from wildcats, as long as my soul emanated from God.

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