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Traveling: My Mental Escapade

drivingLiving 30 kms. outside the city of Iloilo, I have to get used to traveling everyday. That means if I want to be in the office at 8, I have to get ready before the sun rises to catch a transport bus to Tagbak Terminal at 6:30. Since it usually takes an hour of bus ride from our place to Tagbak Terminal, I usually disembark the bus at 7:30 and have to board a jeepney right away for the office. Sometimes it takes more than 30 minutes before I reach my destination depending on the speed of a jeepney. Presumptuously, my travel is far longer than the SONA that President Arroyo will be delivering this afternoon – for if you sum it all up, you will notice that I travel one and a half hours for just going to the office. Actually I really don’t mind because this seems to me a natural routine and I have been used to transporting myself to at least 76 kms (to the city and back) daily excluding the distance traveled during my field works. In short, I am a traveler by my own rights.

But the distance doesn’t matter to me.  As you might notice, I even enjoy it. The farthest my destination is, the better it becomes. Let alone the problem of fares for I have the way to abate it by showing my UP ID which will expire on 2012 pa (hehehe). Anyway, traveling is such a leisure for me despite trudging the same route everyday. Why? Because when I travel, my mind travels with me and I couldn’t help but to think deeply on some things that crosses my attention. Let me share some of the most apparent things that I noticed today:

UNO: While looking outside the bus, you could see that the election is steaming up. This might be the same with other places around the country where electric posts and school façades are awfully ornamented by smiles of the prospective presidentiables. In particular, have you noticed Villar’s visage is becoming ubiquitous? From congratulating the graduates to welcoming the freshmen, from greetings of Mother’s day to that of Father’s day, from simple punch lines of Sipag at Tiyaga to Murang Pabahay, from Iloilo, Banwa Ko to Villards-tulong sa pagsulong ng Philippine sports, you could see his smiling face  in every corner through tarpaulins and streamers. Quack! If you notice, he is actually standing for his motto Sipag at Tiyaga – that is why he is campaigning as early as now. But if you think deeply, it’s about Pera at Tiyaga. Remember that politics connotes a big-shot money game, and whoever has the biggest pocket coupled by publicity and Tiyaga will definitely triumph; and Villar knows that very well. Don’t be fooled brethren! I just hope when you look at his picture, you would also think of the price of his smile or what’s at stake behind his smile. It is only by that that we come to think of other prospects who possess characters like integrity, intelligence, managerial skills, etc; or try to turn our gaze to other candidates that doesn’t speak but has engraved remarkable accomplishments like Bayani and Gibo Teodoro. Just think wise.

DOS: Who cannot notice of garbage in our surroundings? It flies, it rolls, and it happily crosses the street when blown by the wind. Although it provides opportunities for the poor to make money out of it, it nevertheless remains an eyesore. Let’s accept it: there is no such thing as waste. When man creates something, I am sure he creates it out of necessity. Whatever man created surely has use and possesses potentiality for other uses. Take the example of a plastic bag: aside from using it as a basket, it could also serve several uses such as container for other things at home. What is more interesting about a plastic bag is the fact that it can be recycled. And this is not just about plastic: all non-living things especially non-biodegradable are all recyclable.  And when you come to think of it, cleaning our planet is always in our reach and all you have to do is to think that “there is no such thing as waste”. So, when necessity is the mother of all inventions, waste is the most foolish invention a man has ever had – and it is not created out of necessity but lavishness and lethargy.

TRES: From 2008-2009, Real Estate developments in Iloilo increased by more than 50%.  This is quite amazing in so far as real property tax is concerned but may endanger the agricultural production over the year. At about 30% of some agricultural lands are converted if not declared as idle lands for further residential developments. The result is the appearance of streamers and ads on “House for Sale” or “Lots for Sale” that competes with the face of Manny Villar. Because the market in Iloilo is big, streamers doubled up in a matter of just one month. Tsk tsk tsk….Oh, Lord what happened? You gave us the land for free but were subjected into the enterprising elements of some. First, the land was divided into continent (Fine). Then by country (still fine). Then by administrative areas (ok, still fine). But this was divided again into small pieces down to a basic square meter which costs more than an average annual income of the poor (very bad!). Please have pity, oh God.

CUATRO: From Tagbak Terminal to office, I had a funny time counting the many Purified Water and Refill stations. In a matter of 7 kms.interval between the bus terminal and my office, I counted 13 stations. The number is believed to be unlucky by popular culture. Of course, it is unlucky since it will be doubled in a year because the demand for mineral water is constantly increasing. And surely there will come a time that when you speak of water, it automatically entails money. It is just amusing that big cities as New York, calls for the residents to take underground water because it’s clean and free. But that’s not the case in the Philippines. Whew!

CINCO: Last but not the least: When you are riding a jeepney, who wouldn’t notice a sexy lady sitting in front of you? In my case, she wore a green spaghetti dress with a very short skirt that will make you wonder if there is a shortage of textile in global market.

You know, it’s a big irony that amidst the global warming, clothes are becoming shorter and skimpier when in fact they should be made to hide our skin against UV rays. I guess the trend had turned a total opposite now. Today, nakedness becomes a trend where minimal clothing will suffice (hahaha). However, it could also be seen in a different way. Since we are sweating like hell due to extreme heat, I guess the picture below has a very good point.


Anyway, that’s all for my travel amusement. Got to watch GMA SONA pa…hope something good will come out of it.


P.S. 1. President’s SONA is done. Superb! If there is one thing that can attest to her accomplishments – it is the statistics. Numbers just dont lie.

2. How would you imagine our country being managed by Estrada and Villar, or by rhetorical Legarda and Escudero amidst the global crisis?  I just couldn’t imagine. What we definitely need is a managerial president who knows every nook and crook of governance and have strategies to keep it working. With all conviction, backed by my experience economic research and urban planning job, GMA has provided that well.

3. “Too much for  Cory’s matter. Let’s shift our attention to her hacienda,” says an uring anakpawis.

  1. July 28, 2009 at 1:19 am

    This traveling minstrel would like to thank you for you-know-what and for being considerate. =)

    It has been a personal belief that if there is anything more educating than reading a book, it’s traveling. After any trip short or long, my mind teems with so many ideas that sometimes I just refrain from putting them down to words because there are simply too many! Your uno to cinco list here taught me how to deal with that problem.

    P.S. Hey, where’s 2007, 2008, 2009? Are they too obscene to be featured here? *innocent grin*

    • TóTómel
      July 28, 2009 at 2:12 am

      hehehe…you know i always understand.

      2007-09 may seem more obscene. it is too close to being naked na.hahaha.

  2. July 28, 2009 at 1:44 am

    Hmmm. I smell some allusion here, just like the too-sanitized SONA. Numbers don’t lie; they can only be manipulated. It’s like going back to science and philosophy – before any declaration of scientific facts, there is the prior choice to select what to present, how, what impression will it engender. Perspective is prior to any facts,or to statistics to be relevant. Does uring anakpawis have a way of intelligibly checking and going through the maze of those statistics,or even become part of the tabulation or graphing?

  3. TóTómel
    July 28, 2009 at 2:10 am

    That’s true Sir, but how can you say its correct or not? Unless you holds something reliable in your hands , then you can say it’s manipulated. comparison determines the validity in statistics. it’s when you give a concrete statistical proof to refute it that i may thank you for shedding the truth for this gullible brain.

    Brother, i can see that you are too negative about this government yet a little bit exultant of tita cory. Hmmm.

  4. July 28, 2009 at 4:06 am

    Haha – too negative ba Igsoon? Let’s say i’m just one of those numbers who doesn’t entirely buy out the Gloria Deal, thus making her less popular to which she admits. I’m not saying i don’t listen to the SONA stat; i’m just being questioning. But don’t you think you are being self-contradictory Igsoon when you say that we need something to compare with first before acceding to the “truth” of numbers? Because uring anakpawis i suspect don’t have this kind of power that statistical information begets. To quote you: “Unless you holds something reliable in your hands , then you can say it’s manipulated.” Now, who hold those “reliable” data?

    i’m trying to see which of them is more human to my ordinary judgment…

  5. TóTómel
    July 28, 2009 at 4:38 am

    there is nothing wrong in questioning igsoon for we are made to do that. i also respect your stand regarding this. But for clarity: When i speak of “reliable data”, i am actually pertaining to YOUR data which we could compare to that of GMA in order to cull out which is correct…i am after all too open for a change in judgment Igsoon. Let the explantaion follows for the uring anakpawis once something comes out of the comparison.

  6. July 28, 2009 at 4:54 am

    I’m afraid this is too grandiose for the asking Igsoon that i might as well solicit this from you in return for me to accede that indeed, your judgment that numbers don’t lie is universal enough to be believable as a point of persuasion. The truth is I DON’T HAVE because this is beyond my resources. I suspect the case is the same with every common Filipino. Now, should or should not every common Filipino simply accede to the correctness of the SONA statistics, even with the lack thereof of data to compare with? The data requirement – yes, while appearing to be an invincible academic argument, actually appears very unrealistic to me.

  7. TóTómel
    July 28, 2009 at 7:01 am

    i agree Igsoon and i apologize for asking that much. you must also understand that i was part of this team of collecting data that may minutely added to the whole course of the president’s SONA. My claim that numbers dont lie maybe fallacious in some aspects, but much to my conviction, since i have been part of the contributing team , in this case i adhere that it speaks of the truth based on what we have gathered and tabulated. the choice will always be yours to be skeptical and i have nothing against it.

    thank you for sharing your views.

    • July 28, 2009 at 7:12 am

      I got your point Igsoon, especially your personal involvement in the data gathering and tabulation. I also agree with you about data comparison, indeed, almost an irrefutable scholarly point. I already made clear where i disagreed based on the flow of your argument hehe.

      Lest i forget – i equally enjoy your keen observations, beautifully written as usual, as you travel daily from home to work

  8. July 28, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Hmmm… maintra ko o indi?
    Maintra ko o indi?
    Maintra ko o indi?
    Maintra ko o indi?
    Maintra ko o indi?
    Maintra ko o indi?
    Maintra ko o indi?

    Maintra ko ah, pero pasi’ lang… Haha!

    Uno: I am also looking at Gibo Teodoro who I believe has much remarkable accomplishments to boast but do not… 🙂

    Dos: I also like traveling… Daw indi man obvious ah… 😀

    Tres: I am praying for Cory Aquino, at the same time I also wonder what happened to Hda. Luisita… I am not much in the know regarding this but I have reason to believe that the Hda is not entirely hers.

    Cuatro: Working in a city teeming with multinational companies, and at the same time being close to another major city in the Philippines, I have not observed any significant change in the micro-economies in these cities. I must concede there were quite a number who lost their work. But the malls are still always packed and in fact in Lapu-lapu alone, there is now another major mall that is being constructed. Business is thriving here.

    Cinco: I believe that the pool of poverty in our country is still so vast that the effects of the ripple of good things done by our government (which I believe there are many) takes much time to reach the pool’s outskirts.

    Sais: We need to create more ripples. And I do not mean to include the people in government.

    Siete: Cynicism scars hope. We must be dealers of hope.

    Otso: I have learned that while it is our right to have a good government, it is also our Christian duty to help others. I was once an activist while I was in school. I am still an activist – an activist for hope. And I want to be always the activist that acts, rather than complain. And I always pose the question to those who rally and complain: What have you done lately? But I also do not neglect the fact that many of those who clamor for change and those who complain have indeed valid causes, and they also need to be heard.

    Nueve: I have to go home… It’s getting late… 🙂

    • TóTómel
      July 29, 2009 at 2:23 am

      Wow… i admire your conviction utod. your observations are profound and give me more insights to consider.

      thank you.

    • July 29, 2009 at 2:35 am

      “Siete: Cynicism scars hope. We must be dealers of hope.”

      i really admire your optimism utod, i also hope i could mature like you. 🙂

  1. July 27, 2009 at 10:14 am
  2. July 27, 2009 at 1:07 pm

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