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order in the table.

October 3, 2008 8 comments


Books here, papers and folders there and crumpled wrappers of candies everywhere. Hoy!

I need to get things in order for my table has remained messy for two days now. My boss, noticing this, since I’m situated as vanguard of the battalion of sloth from my rear, scolded me for having a garbage trash rather than an office table. She stared with her laser beams while murmuring of something ribald but I knew for sure that it wasn’t me per se but the loony look of my slab. If she gets easily catatonic over smidgen of dirt on the floor how much more would she feel toward piles of paper that look like garbage dump on my table? I was sure that when she got back and my table was still on its anti-cosmos state, a middle finger would surely be lifted on my face. I had no choice but to obey or else…well you don’t want to get your boss angry nor you want to draw all suspicion in you, will you? I have one piece of advice then:  never imitate me by not keeping your table clean and tidying the little things on top of it because for sure you don’t want to get someone squeamish over your topsy-turvy demeanor especially your boss. Even if you are an artist- who always justifies your being unsystematic with abstraction of brushes and hues of colors-you still must secure things in order and must be scientific in dealing with such. We are placed into this void for a purpose -that is to maintain order and not to reciprocate it. You just can’t let the God of the Old Testament come down and raise that middle finger on you or turn you into a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife in Sodom and Gomorrah by leaving your table cluttered. You know what I mean-but in any case you don’t, just keep your things in order. Simple and clear.

One of the nicest things about keeping my table clean is that I can think straight without external interference. I have to keep this regularly not to impress my boss but to keep myself in good placement to avoid wimping over my assignments. Organized things means systematic mind. Better think of Mr. Einstein- had he become a little more concerned of his table, maybe he already solved the problem of the universe and that there was no need for the establishment of Hadron Collider blah blah …that 90 fold worth of the Iloilo Provincial budget built to qualify the theories of the universe; and the money financed for that project could have been much appreciated if it is allocated for Africa as aid for the victims in Darfur. However, open-mindedly, I also think that chaos- which separates things, put up wars and creating boundaries- is equally necessary to find order but not much as beautiful as with all potential gearing towards actuality of order. Chaos is just a by-product of anti-order choices of man and not a natural phenomenon that falls like rain. I am wondering if all the people in the world have the same regard for order, probably the best possible world that Voltaire is ruminating will finally be given flesh.

When world is created with such, wouldn’t it be proper for us to behave with saliency to order? Perhaps our world will be a better place when all behave in accordance with order. When there is order, there will be:

1. No more traffic signs which means that I wouldn’t get late even if I wake up at 630 in the morning.

2. No more war in Mindanao and the rest of the world and there will be dismissal of media industry simply because “news isn’t news if it isn’t bad”

3. No more crimes and no more proceedings in the court. There will never be lawyers too…grrr.

4. No more black and white or brown and yellow, only the color of the rainbow is noticed

5. No more broken families, but one united humanity

6. No more distinction, only beauty

7. No more religion, only one common concept of God

8. No more pollution for everybody thinks about the world

9. No more corruption because there are better concerns to be addressed

10. No more politics, no more boundaries, no more conflicting systems…because the world is in order.

 This is very ideal, I know, as the road to it is strewn with humongous chaos that is very hard to change. I know it’s hard. Everything is hard because even order had become a subject of perversion to fit everybody’s idea -to the point of causing arbitration among people. But isn’t it more hard to keep this chaos working? After all, we could never embrace order unless we try. Let me stress again my piece of advice before this ends: if you want to embrace order, start arranging your table. My boss had a very good point and I shouldn’t ignore it. Better keep going now, my table needs a good make-over.

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